Ondine offers prop, wardrobe and food styling. With a deep understanding of composition, Ondine approached styling as the distillation of aesthetics. Whether working with an individual, a brand, or on an editorial project, Ondine translates their story into visuals. She aims to push the boundaries of current style trends and carry a sense off timelessness. Some examples of styling are finding and placing the art and decor for a business, finding the props and creating the composition of a styled photoshoot, and curating the products on display and acquiring the props to display them in a retail setting.  For inquiries click here.

Ondine offers custom, site-specific, installations. Installation art is the creation of an environment through the adornment of space. It is the use of space as the blank canvas. Ondine approaches this field often using repeated found organic material organized in an accreting sculptural formation. Ondine’s installations are deeply influenced by nature and the space they are intended for. They aim to create an environment of marvel. Some examples of installation would be a back drop at a wedding, sculpture or found materials used to dress a storefront window, and artistic approaches to event lighting. For inquiries click here.



Narrative is the foundation on which we connect with ourselves and beyond ourselves. Wonder satiates the child within all of us. Catching the eye and heart begins here.



Maren & LAura POttery

Maren & Laura make one of a kind porcelain vessels, hand painted with contemporary folk-inspired designs. With both lifestyle and still life composition in mind we came up with this series for their website and social media content. Check out their work here. The photos are taken by Katey Lee. Check more of her photography out here.


Jem Organics

Jem Organics makes small batch artisanal nut butters and sauces. These stills are from a video we made to both demonstrate the uses of Jem nut butter and carry their brand aesthetics of clean, healthy, and wholesome. Find more of Jem Organics here. Photos taken by Union Culture. See more of their work here.



Howl Attire

Howl Attire's latest collection is rooted in Cascadia, a territory, mindset, and movement, sprung out of the Pacific Northwest. Naturally, we took to the woods to show how these designs are made by and for the wander, boot stomper, and tree lover. Buy these featured goods here



Tambourine Dream Collection

Tambourine Dream pays homage to the many wild mothers I had growing up on an island in Maine. These women taught me how to be my own island, defined by nobody but the ocean. Strong but fluid.


A HEALING TEA Catered by A. Rose Wellness

Anna Rose, Nutrition Therapist, challenged Ondine to style a healing tea party that spoke to the winter season of hibernation, a time to slow, go within and take stock. Find recipes for her food medicine here.



Buttermilk Queen

Buttermilk Queen is the unhappy, old-world housewife whom subtly finds her power. The shoot aims to capture her repression through an overt use of objectivity; she is faceless, representing a lamp or a still-life painting. However, the model's movements and the surrealist setting suggests a restlessness, and perhaps a rebirth. Read more about the collection here.